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  • 1990 – Gallery „Chapel“, Hasskova str., Třebíč
  • 1996 – Gallery „Rear Synagogue“ Třebíč with Ladislav Novák
  • 1998 – Gallery „Rear Synagogue“ Třebíč
  • 2009 – Travellers hostel Třebíč with Pavel Hlaváč
  • 2012 – Theatre Passage Třebíč
  • 2015 – Gallery Ladislav Novák’s Třebíč

I regularly take part in joint exhibitions.
My works can also be found in private collections in Europe, the USA and Canada.

I have illustrated three collections of poetry:

  • Ve jménu jahodiní, Eva Leinwebrová-Lopourová
  • Nedomykavost času, Lidye Romanská
  • Pomalovanej patmos, Petr Turecký

My name is Jitka Janíková and I come from the Czech Republic. Currently I am mostly engaged in oil painting.

I am very happy and fortunate to live surrounded by an interesting countryside of the county of Highlands and to be able to find my inspiration in it. My inspiration also comes from places far away, from experiences, feelings and memories. They direct me to a constant effort to explore the space beyond the confines of materia. This effort is palpably present in some of my paintings.

I am being driven by a desire to open the door and reveal the mystery of the unknown. I find a great joy in searching for the beauty, for the depth and purity of colours through which I can express myself. I love painting on stones, which thus became another source of my inspiration. Peeping into the space beyond the border of consciousness and traces of its knowledge are my reward.

In my artwork, I alternately use drawing, graphics, dust pastels and also painting on natural silk. I do not take my scarves and kerchiefs as utility textiles but as silk paintings possibly to be worn on neck.I am a graduate of the Art Textile School in Brno, the subject of art textiles treating and also a graduate of the School of Art Thinking, Prof. Igor Zhoř, Brno.

I have been interested in and educating myself in this area of art my entire life. I have had three independent exhibitions of my work and I regularly take part in joint exhibitions. My works can also be found in private collections in Europe, the USA and Canada. In addition, I have illustrated three collections of poetry. I teach Art at the Elementary Art School in Třebíč. Working with my students brings me joy and an inexhaustible source of surprises, which I find is mutually inspiring.

According to the beautiful legend about Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Paradise, the archangel Michael broke the jug of beauty into a thousand pieces, being angry at their foolishness. Artists diligently continue to try to put those pieces together to show the entire beauty completely.